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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My freckle-face, big dimples, little girl...

is growing up. My oldest dd, Grace, just turned 8 yesterday. I can't believe how fast time flies by. I can remember the day we brought her home for the first time like it was yesterday. Ahhhh... memories. *sniff sniff*

Isn't she a cutie? ;)

We have been busy doing birthday stuff all weekend, so I haven't been around as much. So many people came by and left comments. Thanks so much! I am going to come by and check out your blogs, now that the kids are back in school (they had the day off yesterday) and I am done with my Self-Addressed February projects.

So, onto the fun part! I did eeny meeny miny mo, and lucky winners are...





You are awesome and blogging when you can is better
for folks who enjoy
your creations than not blogging at all. We'll take what we
can get! ; ) By
the way, I've never been able to keep a journal
February 16, 2008
7:06 PM

Katie and Carole, send me an email (check my profile) with your info and I will get a fun, little goodie box sent out to you both ASAP. :)

Well, let me leave you with some sneak peeks of my February projects for Self-Addressed. It is one YUMMY kit with lots of We R Memory Keepers Promenade goodness. Love it!

Thanks for stopping by!


Katie said...

Woo-hoo!! Thanks, Roree!!

Your daughter is beautiful :)

Can't wait to see those lovely projects!

Rae said...

Happy 8th Birthday Grace!! {She IS absolutely adorable Roree!}
Your SA sneaks look GORGEOUS... you definitely rock bold & bright colors... can't wait to see them!

Carole (TruCarMa) said...

Oh my goodness! This the first time I've EVER won any sort of blog candy!! I'm so excited!!! Yippee!!

And your daughter looks exactly like a friend of mine's -- she's now 15 and GORGEOUS, so you'd better start preparing now to beat those boys off with a stick! ;)

Also, love your new SA sneak peaks -- those bright colors are sooo up my alley!

Off to email you my addy... :)

Anonymous said...

"Happy Belated B`day" to your Daghter..Hope you all had a great time...Love the card you did for Creative Cafe`
Look forward to seeing these:)

Nina said...

Your daughter is as beautiful as you are. What a cutie!

I don't know how you do it, but you must have a sixth sense for combining colours and shapes. Your work is simply fabulous!

Your cards are great PR for the Self Addressed kit, you know... Actually I've ordered a subscription after seeing your projects from the January kit. :)
I am really looking forward to receiving this February kit now...even more so after this teasing sneek peak ;)

Thanks for your sweet comment in my blog. It made my day!!

inara said...

what a cutie!!!

That kit looks fabulous!

Betsy V said...

Oooh! Great peeks Roree. I loved everything about the February kit. :-) Have a great weekend!

Becky Heisler said...

Beautiful stuff Roree !!! Congrats on your x3 Cards toot ! :)

Lisa642 said...

Hey Roree, your daughter is so pretty, look out later. Your sneak peeks drive me crazy by the way.haha

Kandis Smith said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter! They grow so fast!